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Being a country with many investment opportunities in Africa, Zimbabwe has so much potential to attract investors. On the territory of Zimbabwe, companies are registered daily. However one important and time-saving opportunity the country has to offer is shelf company registration. This will guide will extensively explore shelf company registration in Zimbabwe.

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What is a shelf company?

A shelf company is a company that has already met all the company registration requirements. It has already been legally registered with the Companies Registry Office and has no company assets or liabilities.

Shelf companies are mostly registered for disposal to other businesses. These companies are extremely popular for clients who wish to obtain older companies for various reasons.

Advantages of a shelf company?

  1. Tender bidding

    A shelf company can increase your chances of winning tenders that require you to have been in business for a number of years. For example, tenders in the security sector requires that your company be 3 years or older. A newly registered company wouldn’t be able to bid on such tenders because it doesn’t have the same longevity as a shelf company

  2. Trust

    Shelf companies may help gain the trust of stakeholders, or larger clients as they create an appearance of corporate longevity.

  3. Access to capital

    Acquiring a shelf company allows you to gain access to investment capital from banks and investors. It gives an impression that the company has been in operation for some time.

Shelf company registration in Zimbabwe

Since a shelf company is already registered company, you do not need to register it again. The registration is done by seller of the shelf company.

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Acquiring a shelf company

Acquiring a shelf company in Zimbabwe is done through a share transfer process. The owner of the shelf company transfers shares to the purchaser of the company.

The share transfer process is done through a share transfer certificate that is signed by the transferor, the transferee and a witness. Share certificates are also a necessity.

After the share transfer, the company name, company objectives, company addresses and company directors can be changed to suit the requirements of the new shareholders. However any change need to be registered with Registrar of Companies.

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