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Annual returns

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Annual returns


Every Private Limited Company (PLC) including non-trading companies should file an annual return on the first anniversary of the company and annually thereafter.

An annual return confirms the information held by the Company’s Registry about your company is up to date.

Company Formations provide an annual return filing service for all Private Limited Companies so you avoid your company from being struck off from the Companies register and avoid penalties.

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Frequently asked questions

What are annual returns?

An annual return is a Companies Registry filing requirement for all Private Limited Companies. Every company, including non trading companies, must file an annual return. It confirms the information about your company held by the Companies Registry is up to date

How do I file an Annual Return?

An annual return is filed at the Companies Registry. However, the registry only does business with registered consultants and due to the complexity of preparing the documents, it has to be done through a consultant.

How often do I need to submit my company’s annual return?

An annual return must be filed at Companies Registry at least once every 12 months. This service is renewable annually, ensuring you do not miss a filing date in the future.

When is the annual return due?

An annual return is due at the first anniversary of the last annual return.

For example, if  your company was registered on 15 July 2020 your first annual return is due on the 15th of July 2021. The second will be due on the 15th of July 2022. However, in certain cases you can file your annual return at any time to update any changes to your company for example changes to company directors.

When will my documents be ready?

The documents will be ready in 5-7 working days.

Does not filing an annual return carry a penalty and if yes, what is the penalty?

Yes, there is a penalty of ZW$1000 penalty for every outstanding annual return.

Is a company at risk of being struck off from the Company’s register for not being compliant?

Yes, non-compliance will lead to your company being struck off from the companies register.

Which companies are required to file company annual returns?

Every Zimbabwean registered company is supposed to file an annual return including Private Limited Companies (PLC’s) except for Private Business Corporations (PBC’s). PBC’s file a declaration of business continuance.

Does a company that is not trading file an annual return?

Yes. As long as a company has not been de-registered has to file an annual return whether its trading or not.

What do you require to file my company’s annual return?

We need your company name or company number so we conduct a file search.

How do I make sure I don’t miss filing my company’s annual return to avoid non compliance and accruing penalties?

You can take advantage of our Full Company Secretary Service. This service is invaluable and will help you be compliant all year round.

Company Formations takes care of our annual returns yearly. Your service has been great from day one.

Shayne Richardson

Accountant, for Company Formations client

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