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When you register your company in Zimbabwe you receive a certificate of incorporation among other documents.

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What is a certificate of incorporation

A certificate of incorporation is a document that you receive from the Companies Registry that shows that you have legally registered a company in Zimbabwe in accordance to the Companies and Other Businesses Entities Act (Chapter 24:12).

Who receives a certificate of incorporation?

The Companies Registry issues a certificate of incorporation to anyone who registers a Private Limited Company, a Public Limited Company, Corporative Companies and more recently, the Private Business Corporation to prove their legal existence and incorporation under the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:12).

How do I acquire a certificate of incorporation?

When you register your company through Company Formations you will among other things receive a certificate of incorporation immediately upon company registration.

If you have lost your certificate of incorporation you can acquire one by taking advantage of our replacement of lost, defaced or destroyed documents.

What information is shown on a certificate of incorporation?

The certificate of incorporation will include the following details:

  • Full company name.
  • Date of incorporation.
  • Company registration number.
  • Country of incorporation.
  • Type of company.
  • Location of registered office
  • Incorporating legislation (Companies and Other Businesses Act (Chapter 24:31).
  • Issuing registrar.
  • Companies Registry’s seal.
  • Registrar’s stamp.
  • Zimbabwe’s coat of arms.
  • Receipt number.
  • Certificate number.
  • Name of form (C1.)