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Forms for sale

From US$3.00

Forms from US$3.00


We have company registration forms available for purchase for clients who wish to carry do their own filing with the Companies Registry.

*Please note, the introduction of the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:31) brought about changes in forms names. If you are unsure of the form that you need please call, text or WhatsApp us on +263 787 828 513 or +263 (0242) 709 883 and our consultants will help you.

Company registration forms:

Form Description
CR 5 Notice of situation and postal address of a company’s registered office
registered principal place of business and of any change thereto.
CR 6 List of directors and secretaries
Memorandum and Articles of Association Constitutive documents


Other forms:

Form Description
CR 1 Applications for authority to use an electronic mail address, website, portal or other interactive electronic link.
CR 2 Application for search as to availability of name
CR 3 Notice of Registration of Assumed Names
CR 3 Application for Replacement of lost, defaced and destroyed documents
CR 4 Application for Replacement of lost, defaced and destroyed documents
CR 5 Notice of situation and postal address of a company’s registered office
registered principal place of business and of any change thereto.
CR 6 List of Directors and Secretaries
CR 7 Notice of change of entity name
CR 8 Special resolution
CR 9 Notice of conversion, consolidation and split of Share Capital
CR 10 Notice of increase of share capital
CR 11 Return of Allotments
CR 12 Notice of place where register of mortgages and debentures is kept or any change thereof
CR 13 Notice of the situation of the office where branch register of members /
debenture holders is kept or of discontinuance thereof.
CR 14 Statement by directors for strike off or voluntary winding up
CR 15 Conversion of Company to a Private Business Corporation
CR 16 Beneficial Ownership declaration Form
CR 17 Declaration that the Annual General Meeting was held
CR 18 Declaration of Shell and Shelf Companies
CR 19 Affidavit in terms of section 158 of the Act
CR 20 Consent to act as Director of a Public Company
CR 21 List of persons to act as directors
CR 22 Statement by Company of the amount or rate paid agreed to paid by way of
commission in respect of shares
CR 23 Statutory Report
CR 24 Declaration for continuance of incorporation of a company limited by
CR 25 List of documents delivered for registration by a foreign company
CR 26 Annual Return of a Foreign Company
CR 27 Return of Alteration in the Charter, Constitution e.tc of a foreign Company
CR 28 Incorporation Statement of a Private Business Corporation
CR 29 Declaration that Annual Meeting was held
CR 30 Amended Incorporation statement
CR 31 Application for Conversion of a Private Business Corporation to a Private
CR 32 Voluntary Registration of Partnerships and Agreements
CR 33 Declaration that an entity is still in existence
CR 34 Amendments or changes to constitutive documents
CR 35 Application to inspect entity documents and Registers

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Frequently asked questions

How to I place an order to buy a form?

To place an order just call, text or WhatsApp us on +263 787 828 513 or +263 (0242) 709 883 and inform the consultant of the form you need.

What forms do I need to register a company in Zimbabwe?

To register a Private Limited Company (PLC) you need:

  1. Memorandum and articles of association
  2. CR 6 form (former CR 14 form)
  3. CR 5 form (former CR 6 form)

To register a Private Business Corporation (PBC) you would need:

  1. CR 28

What is a CR 6 form and CR 5 form?

A CR 6 form (former CR 14 form) lists the company’s directors, secretary(s) and principal officer.

A CR 5 form (former CR 6 form) form lists the company’s addresses i.e. physical, postal and email address.

What is a CR 28 form in Zimbabwe?

A CR 28 form is a constitutive document used when registering a Private Business Corporation. The form used to be called a PBC 2 form.

What is a CR 2 form?

Most banks haven’t updated their stationery and still require companies to provide a CR 2 form when opening a company bank account. However that form is no-longer called a CR 2. Its now called CR 11. A CR 2 form is an application for search as to availability of a company name and what banks require for you to open a bank account is a CR 11. A CR 11 is a return of allotment which shows allotment of shares or the current shareholding of a company.

Are your forms available in PDF or word?

All our forms are available in PDF and Word format.

Do you also provide hard copy forms or they are only soft copies?

You can receive the forms in any format. For a hard copy you would need to visit our offices or we can mail it to your destination of choice.

How much are your forms?

It depends with the form that you want. Our prices for our forms start from US$3.00.

It didn’t even take me 2 minutes to receive my company registration forms. from Company Formations. Your service was fast.

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