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PBC Packages

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to register a private business corporation?

Company registration takes between 7-9 working days. It may take longer depending on the workload at the registry.

What is the best private business corporation registration package?

Your choice depends on the following:

  • If you have a small budget – you may choose the basic package.
  • If you need to open a bank account – you may choose the PBC Standard package.
  • If you need first PBC By-Laws – you may choose the premium package.
  • If you need PBC Registers – you may choose the executive package.

If you are still not sure, please call, text or WhatApp our friendly Customer Service Team a call at +263 787 828 513, who will be happy to hear from you and discuss your new company requirements.

Is it possible to purchase the starter package and add more services later?

You can add the other services at a later date. You can contact us to add the services.

Do you offer any payment terms?

Yes we offer payment terms. You can pay a deposit of 70% then balance on collection of company registration documents.

Can I put through an application via telephone?

Yes you can put through an application via telephone. Please call, text or WhatApp our customer service team on +263 787 828 513.

What are the requirements to register a private business corporation?

You need to provide:

  • 3-5 PBC proposed names
  • PBC physical and postal address
  • PBC objectives
  • PBC members names and national id number

Do I need to provide any documents?

You do not need to provide any physical copies rather the information on the documents.

What is a bank advice note?

This is the Authorization from ZIMRA needed to open a business bank account in Zimbabwe.

What is a share certificates?

A share certificate is a document that certifies the possession of shares in a company limited by shares. Primarily they show the number of shares owned by an individual in a company.

What are PBC By-Laws?

By-Laws are the rules and regulations of a Private Business Corporation. They regulate the operations of a PBC. They are the equivalent of an Articles of Association in a Private Limited Company.

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We provide a free review of all new company registration applications for omissions and errors
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Less chance of queries

By checking for errors and omissions on the application, we reduce the average rate of queries of new company applications in the Zimbabwe, from 65%, to just 1%.

What’s more, if a company is brought with a query, we will fix the problem and re-submit the documents.

Perfect documents

If we didn’t check our clients’ applications, in most cases the company documents would not be properly presented.

This is due to signing queries, capitalisation problems and grammatical errors being transferred to the finished company documents.

...and it's free!

We review our clients' company registration applications, and handle the rejections free of charge.

Our aim is to achieve customer service excellence by delivering new companies with perfectly presented documents to our customers, without undue stress or delay

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