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Generally, the procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe is divided into three stages that is, company name search and name reservation, company documents preparation and company documents filing/lodging.

However, the Companies Registry does not do business with unregistered or unlicensed individuals or consultants. This therefore means one cannot register a company on their own rather they have to go through a consultant hence we have developed our easy procedure for company registration to help you register your company fast, affordable and with a reliable consultant.

Our procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe

Our company procedure for company registration is basically divided into 5 stages.

Company formation’s procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe.

  1. Choose a company structure

    The first step in registering a company in Zimbabwe is selecting a company structure that suits your needs. We have two types of company structures that you can choose from that is, either a Private Limited Company or a Private Business Corporation.

    The most common company structure in Zimbabwe is the the Private Limited Company (PLC). It is mostly common because the memorandum and articles of association can be tailor made for the business to conduct any business the entrepreneur wants. This appealing to most Zimbabwean entrepreneurs who would like to cut company registration costs. Rather than registering many companies, one company will be enough to carry on multiple businesses. Unlike the Private Business Corporation (PBC) that allows you to be involved in three or four business areas.

    Also a Private Limited Company is generally accepted because it is much more popular.

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  2. Select company registration package

    After you choose a company structure you need then to select a company registration package that suits your budget.

    We understand that most entrepreneurs start their business on a budget so we have come up with the most affordable company registration packages in Zimbabwe.

    We have four Private Limited Company packages, four Private Business Corporation packages , and four Non-Residents packages. What determines the package you choose is what you need. For example, if you need to open a bank account as soon as you register your company you might choose the package with a bank advice note that is, standard package.

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  3. Fill the company registration application form

    The third stage is filling in your new company information. You can do this either at our offices or in the comfort of your home or office through our online company registration form.

    The form requires you to fill in the following information:

    1. Company proposed names
    2. Company directors information that is, the directors names, surnames (as shown on their government issued identity documents) and any former names, National Identity Numbers or passport number and addresses
    3. Company shareholders information that is, the shareholders names and surnames (as shown on their government issued identity documents), and addresses
    4. The company’s official postal, physical and email addresses

    After you submit the form, we will review it and inform you of any adjustments that need to be made.

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  4. Make payment

    We have different payment platforms from EcoCash, TeleCash, One Wallet, bank transfer and international payment platforms such as Mukuru, World Remit, Money Gram, Western Union etc.

    What happens next?

    After you make payment, we will then conduct a name search to determine the availability of your proposed company names for registration. If the name is available and is reserved we will prepare the company documents for signing.

  5. Document signing

    We will prepare all the necessary documents for signing. Depending on your location, we can either send (email or any platform of your choice) the documents or you can visit our office.

What happens next?

We will lodge the company documents with the Companies Registry. It will usually take around 7 – 9 working days to register a company in Zimbabwe. This is however dependant on the workload at the registry.

Once your company documents are out, we will notify you for collection. We will send you our FREE E-book via email and any other FREE items will be included within your company documents.

Some of our packages include tax clearances. If included, we will then request for the requirements so we can process the tax clearance.

Can I register my company if I am out of Harare, Bulawayo or even out of Zimbabwe?

Our company registration procedure allows you to register your company from anywhere in Zimbabwe or the world. After we prepare your company documents, we will email you the documents or send via any platform of your choice. After you sign, you return the documents to us for final lodging/filing.

Does every shareholder need to sign the company documents?

Every shareholder need to sign the memorandum and articles of association. However, if agreed on, some clients request us to use their initials to sign the document.

Does every director need to sign the company documents?

Not every director is supposed to sign. One director can sign. Alternatively, our appointed company secretary can sign on behalf of the directors.

How long does it take to register a company?

It takes about 5 minutes to fill in our company registration application form. Our name search results will be available within 24 working hours. We will then prepare and forward the company documents to the registry for final registration which usually takes between 7-9 working days and might take more days depending on the workload at the companies registry

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