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Shelf Companies

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Shelf Companies

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Ready to trade shelf company

Currently reduced to US$220.00 our shelf companies offer exceptional value for money and a perfect way to start a business.

Our ready to trade shelf companies include all company documents and the processing of all company changes including appointment and resignation of company directors, change of company addresses, transfer of shares and company registers.

You will receive a set of company documents, as soon as your shelf company is processed, within 24 working hours.

Available shelf companies

The following shelf companies are available for purchase.

  • Jotsima Incorporated (Private) Limited
  • Ayada Private Limited Company
  • Trivia Private Limited Company
  • Showman Private Limited Company
  • Sambo Private Limited Company
  • Alpha Private Limited Company
  • Level Up Private Limited Company
  • Windhaul Private Limited Company
  • Metrol Private Limited Company
  • Trand Private Limited Company
  • Heling Private Limited Company
  • Enrygya Private Limited Company
  • Audity Private Limited Company
  • Mashop Private Limited Company

Shelf Company – US$245.00 US$220.00


♦ A complete set of company documents including certificate of incorporation, CR 5 (former CR 6) – list of company addresses, CR 6 (former CR 14) -list of company directors and memorandum and articles of association

♦ Updating company address

♦ Updating company directors

♦ Share transfer certificates

♦ Share certificates

♦ Register of members

♦ Register of directors

♦ Register of secretary(s)

♦ Copies of updated annual returns

Order your shelf company over the phone

 Please call, text or WhatsApp our experienced team and we will complete your order by telephone.


+263 787 828 513

+263 (0242) 709 88



Order your shelf company over the phone

Please call, text or WhatsApp our experienced team and we will complete your order by telephone.

+263 787 828 513

+263 (0242) 709 88

Frequently asked questions

Why should buy a shelf company?

A shelf company enables your business to appear more trustworthy, your suppliers and clients are likely to have more confidence in businesses that have a longer operating history. Having the ability to establish business relationships with banks, banking institutions and suppliers is usually top of the list when looking to purchase this type of company. Shelf Companies have already been set up correctly and a simple change of the company officers is all that’s required to transfer ownership.

What is best; to register a new company or acquiring a shelf company?

It depends on your business goals and your urgency.

If you urgently need a registered company for example, when applying  for a specific tender or contract, acquiring a shelf company would be best, because you can get your company documents within 24 working hours whereas company registration takes between 7-9 working days and can even take longer depending on the workload at the Registry.

On the other hand, if you have time to spare, registering a new company would be best.

How much is a shelf company?

Our shelf companies currently cost US$220.00 per company including all the necessary amendments.

How long does it take to acquire a shelf company?

It will take up to 24 working hours.

What type of company are your shelf companies?

Our shelf companies are Private Limited Companies. This is the standard business structure for any company which has been registered with the intention to generate profit for the owners of the business. It is remarkably popular because it allows the sharing of profits amongst the shareholders whilst also offering restricted financial liability. The shareholders are only responsible for company debts up to the value of the shares they hold in the company. So their personal assets will be protected should the company encounter financial any difficulties.

What documents do I receive when I purchase a shelf company?

You will receive:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. CR 5 (Former CR 6) – List of company addresses
  3. CR 6 (Former CR 14) List of company directors and company secretaries
  4. Memorandum and articles of association
  5. Share transfer certificates
  6. Share certificates
  7. Company registers that is, register of members, register of directors, register of company secretaries and register of company addresses

What information do I need to provide to do the necessary amendments?

You need to provide the names, ID numbers, nationality, addresses and the new address of your company.

Can I purchase a shelf company via telephone?

Yes you can purchase a shelf company via telephone. Please call, text or WhatApp our customer service team on +263 787 828 513 or +263 (0242) 709 883 to place your order.

Do I need a tax clearance?

You don’t necessarily need a tax clearance to start trade, however the law requires every company to register with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) within 30 days of starting to trade. You also can’t open a bank account without a tax clearance (bank advice note) and other companies will only do business with companies that have a valid tax clearance. Our tax clearance service costs US$45.00.

You will also need a bank account because you will find it difficult to operate a business without a business bank account.

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We provide a free review of all new company registration applications for omissions and errors
- greatly reducing the chances of queries  by the Companies Registry.

Less chance of queries

By checking for errors and omissions on the application, we reduce the average rate of queries of new company applications in the Zimbabwe, from 65%, to just 1%.

What’s more, if a company is brought with a query, we will fix the problem and re-submit the documents.

Perfect documents

If we didn’t check our clients’ applications, in most cases the company documents would not be properly presented.

This is due to signing queries, capitalisation problems and grammatical errors being transferred to the finished company documents.

...and it's free!

We review our clients' company registration applications, and handle the rejections free of charge.

Our aim is to achieve customer service excellence by delivering new companies with perfectly presented documents to our customers, without undue stress or delay

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