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Transfer of shares

Including all compliance paperwork

only US$25.00

Transfer of shares


You can transfer your shares in a company to an individual or to another company. We offer a professional service for clients who wish to transfer shares, including all the necessary paperwork necessary to keep your company records up-to-date and compliant.

What’s included in our price?


  • Share transfer certificates: Share transfer certificates show who is transferring shares to who, their personal details and how many shares are being transferred.
  • Meeting Minutes: All registered companies are required by Companies and Other Business Entities Act Chapter (Chapter 24:31) to maintain minutes of all meetings of the directors and for these to be available for inspection by any director. The directors should approve share transfers and issue minutes confirming the approval.
  • Share certificates: Companies are required to issue share certificates to shareholders within two months of an issue of shares, or the date when the documents necessary to effect a transfer have been received by the company.
  • Updating/creating the register of members (shareholders) a legal requirement that records the individuals who own the company and the details of the shares they hold

How it works:


  • You place an order by calling, texting or WhatsApp +263 787 828 543 or +263 (0242) 709 883.
  • You provide the required information, make payment and receive your invoice.
  • You will receive your documents in 1-2 working days, including share transfer form, meeting minutes and share certificate(s).
  • The share transfer form needs to be signed by the transferor and transferee, and filed with your company records.

Please note:

  • If applicable, prices do not include stamp duty fee.

Transfer shares

Call, text or WhatsApp

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to place your order.

US$25.00 per transfer



Full Company Secretary Service

Director changes are FREE with our Full Company Secretary Service (as one of your 3 company changes per year).

US$149 per year


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Frequently asked questions

When will my documents be ready?

The documents will be ready within 24 hours after all required information is provided.

Can I order this service if I did not register my company with Company Formations?

Yes. We offer this service to all clients,  regardless of whether they have registered their company company with us.

What information do I need to provide?

Old shareholders information

  • Name(s) and surname
  • National I.D number/passport number
  • Address

New shareholders information

  • Name(s) and surname
  • National I.D number/passport number
  • Address


  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company number
  • Number of shares being transferred

What type of shares are transferred?

Only Ordinary shares can be transferred. Creation of additional share classes or amendments to the article of association are not included in this service.

Are details of a share transfer recorded at the Companies Registry?

No. Details of share transfers are not updated at the Companies Registry. A share transfer is an internal document.

What is a register of members?

A register of members, or register of shareholders, is a record of the individuals who own the company and the details of the shares they hold. Every company is required by the Companies and Other Business Entities Act Chapter (24:32) to keep a register of members.

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