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A company number is a unique number assigned to a company on registration. The company number also contains the year the company was registered.

It will be displayed on your company’s certificate of incorporation, CR 6 form (Former CR 14 form) – list of address, CR 5 (Former CR 6 form) – list of directors, and any other document lodged at the registrar of companies.

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When will I use my company registration number?

You should expect to provide your company number when:

  • Changing your company directors.
  • Changing your company addresses.
  • Changing your company name.
  • Changing the details of directors and secretaries.
  • Transferring shares.
  • Amending or substituting your company memorandum and articles of association.
  • Varying your share capital.
  • Increasing your company share capital.
  • Allotting shares.
  • Changing the address where the register of mortgages and debentures are kept.
  • Changing the address where the branch register of members is kept.
  • Winding up your company.
  • Converting your company from a Private Limited Company to a Private Business Corporation or vice versa.
  • Filing annual returns.
  • Issuing share certificates.

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